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Are you a developer?  There are so many dev conferences out there, but I found out about this one a few months ago.  I am speaking on SharePoint and Silverlight at devLink in Nashville.  The conference lasts about 3 days from August 13th to the 15th in Nashville, TN (as Rob Foster says NashVegas).  I am looking at the speakers from the .Net Community (and SharePoint) and some notable mentions would be Claudio Lassala, Jessica Moss, Steve Andrews, Clint Edmonson, Rob Foster, Eric Shupps, Jeremy Sublett, Dennis Bottjer, Kathleen Dollard, Shawn Wildermuth…The conference only costs $100…Why not go?  Here is the registration link:  How often do you get to see all these people for this little of a cost?

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Left by Jason Wendleton at 7/17/2009 11:49 PM
Gravatar I thought about you today. I was at work, where I met this new guy my company hired. He's this kid, 20 years old. Giant black guy, around 360 pounds. Everyone said he plays football up in Iowa during the school year.

Anyway, this guy is a huge-mountain of a man. I thought "Oh great, another stupid jock."

This kid sat down by my desk during his lunch you know what the first thing he said to me was?

"Do you play World of Warcraft?"

I was knocked out. I mean, this guy was wearing a weigthlifting t-shirt, with nasty looking skulls all over it...HE DID NOT look like a "WOW" person. But then again, I guess it's so big now that there is no longer a "WOW" person anymore. Right?

So this big scary footballer turned out to be a closet nerd (I'm assuming that like me, he was judging me--and thought that because I worked at a computer and wore glasses that I played "WOW").

This whole incident made me think of you.

*still never playing WOW*

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