Coders 4 Charity:Why do I want to give my time?

Last year I had a great experience giving my time to charities for three days in Kansas City.  If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I attended last year's event.  You know that my team created a WSS Site for the Boy Scouts in Blue Springs, Missouri.  This year I am challenging you to come and try to beat us, because yes all of us will be back.  We will be teaming up for the event again.  We could use some competition.

The other big thing I wanted to blog about is we are trying to find charities.  If you know any charities that are too poor in the area to afford developer help to create websites.  Fill out the blog contact form and give me some information about the charity.  It has to be a project that we can create in three days and most likely a web project.  Also, if you want to sponsor the event I can send your information along. 

The website for charities, developers, designer, and dbas to sign up at is  It was definitely worth my time and experience.  I will continue to attend this event as long as I live in Kansas City.  I met a lot of good people too.  Lee Brandt, Tim Wright, Blake Theiss, and Joe Loux...I've hung out with Lee a lot this past year.  He is a really great friend.  Tim is really awesome too.  He's going to help me with my Silverlight Search Control.  Seriously would have never met them had I not attended the event.  Anyway, that's all I have for you tonight, so sign up:)


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Left by David at 2/16/2009 4:52 PM
Gravatar Do you have any templates you can share? I've used SP services for years but I'm not a Dev. If you take a look at our site (go in to the main section) you can see how the Pack site was setup and the Parents/Leaders love it. Especially the calendar functions. I'm helping my sons Troop re-organize and would love to setup customized WSS site.

Any help to kick start the project would be appreciated.

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